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timer (object)

The timer helps control the flow of the game. It is important that you always set a timer. Rooms will be destroyed if they do not complete within 1 hour.

To set a timer, make sure you finish the game state update with set key:

  "timer": {
    "set": 15

The example above sets a timer for 15 seconds.


set (float)

Value in seconds (float)

The platform will detect the seconds set, and create end and seconds values, and update the sequence counter:

  "timer": {
    "end": 1641439171453,
    "seconds": 15,
    "sequence": 5

end (int)

end is the unix epoch time in milliseconds when the timer should reach zero.

On the client-side, end is adjusted for latency automatically, and can be used to calculate near perfect timeleft with the following:

let now = (new Date()).getTime();
let timeleft = timer.end - now;

seconds (int)

seconds shows the original time in seconds set by the server, so you can calculate elapsed percentages as needed.

sequence (int)

the current sequence for timers, which is incremented by 1 every time a new timer is created with set.