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room (object)

Stores room metadata that is read-only and updated by ACOS platform.

  "room": {
    "room_slug": "HCTJM8",
    "sequence": 10,
    "status": "gameover",
    "starttime": 1672290983803,
    "endtime": 0,
    "updated": 1672290991462


room_slug (string)

The room id used by ACOS platform to target the specific room.

sequence (int)

Every time the Game State is updated, this sequence will be incremented by 1. This is different from timer.sequence that only updates when timer is updated.

status (string)

The possible values are:

  1. pregame - as soon as first player joins
  2. starting - as soon as all players have "ready" == true
  3. gamestart - after the starting countdown finishes
  4. gameover - after server code triggers gameover

Room status is used internally by the platform to trigger the next room status. Exception is when status == "gamestart", the timers will cause a "skip" action for the current player(s) who are next.

starttime (int)

the unix epoch in milliseconds since the room was started

endtime (int)

the unix epoch in milliseconds when the room was closed

updated (int)

the unix epoch in milliseconds when the game state was last updated