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ACOS Documentation


Create your own web game using JavaScript frontend and NodeJS backend all driven by JSON.

The platform supports realtime Turn-based and Trivia style games.

Focus on gameplay, let the platform handle everything else for free at scale.

Getting Started

  1. Create a new game inside the Developer Zone on ACOS.
  2. A public GitHub repository will be created at<game_slug> with the Slug Name you specified. You will be added as an admin to the repository.

Just want to try coding?

Check out the Game Templates below to explore and run our game examples without signing up!

Start from an existing Game Template

When creating a game in Developer Zone, you can choose from the available game templates

Game Templates
Tic Tac Toe
git clone [email protected]:acosgames/tictactoe.git
Built with React
tictactoe Play on ACOS Github Repo
Anime Trivia
git clone [email protected]:acosgames/anime-trivia-simple.git
Built with React
anime-trivia-simple Play on ACOS Github Repo
git clone [email protected]:acosgames/checkers.git
Built with React
checkers Play on ACOS Github Repo
Memorize Up
git clone [email protected]:acosgames/memorize-up.git
Built with React
checkers Play on ACOS Github Repo

After creating your game

A new repository matching the Slug Name you provided will be created with the game template code. Simply clone your new repository to get started.

git clone [email protected]:acosgames/tictactoe.git


You must create the game through Developer Zone to have repo created in acosgames organization.

Running the game using simulator

First make sure to install all the packages

npm install

To concurrently start the Client, Server, and acosgames Simulator run:

npm start

This will run the following:

  1. Game Client (ReactJS) with webpack watcher
    • Browser-Sync to restart browser on file changes for client
  2. Game Server (NodeJS) with webpack watcher
  3. acosgames Simulator
    • Includes Simulator Client + Simulator Server (NodeJS/Express/vm2)

Your Game Client will run inside an <iframe> and your Game Server will run inside the nodejs virtual machine.

Deploy Game

When you are ready to deploy the game, visit the Developer Zone, and find your deployment command.


npm run deploy -- tictactoe.FBC4864251084B188F1A6E63F70C38D3

This will bundle the Client, Server, and Database (if exists), and upload them to

Publish Game

The game will be immediately available as an experimental version. If you think its ready for production, go to the Developer Zone and click Push to Production.